Trump’s Impeachment and All We Know so Far

It seems to be that either political news or other types of news would never leave the life of the leader of the United States of America. President of United States Donald Trump is accused to break the law by the abuse of power he has to find help from Ukraine to increase the winning […]

How to Deal with Political News

Politics is one of the most difficult subject to talk about; it is even being included in the top three taboo topics you should not talk with random people, with the other two being sex and religion. Any country, whether you come from America or Indonesia, is heavily separated by political sides. For example, America’s […]

The World’s Hottest Political News in 2019

2019 will end soon. As in previous years, this year the journey of world politics is very dynamic. Some issues electrify the world, both positive and negative nuances. Some of the issues of world politics greatly affect political conditions and domestic policies in every country in the world. Here are some of the world political […]

Impeachment of Donald Trump’s: The Latest Political News of the United States

At the end of 2019, there was political news that might surprise many parties in the United States, even in the world. The news is President of the United States (POTUS) Donald Trump impeached. This process is not easy and short. Impeachment, which was ratified on 18 December 2019, was not yet the end of […]

Top 3 Political News in 2019

Even though politics is considered a sensitive topic and cannot be discussed casually, it is one of the most interesting topics in our lives for many reasons. First, politics has great impact, if not the greatest, in our daily lives. A country can soar up to the peak of success in the hands of a […]