Issue in Sustainable of Development Goals

It is necessary to know about some international political news.  One of them that currently in progress in about Sustainable Development Goals, in short, SDGs. Apparently, this program was already started in 2015 and will end in 2030. United Nation start this program as the continuation of their previous program, Millennial Development Goals. The Millennial […]

The World’s Biggest Election In Indian Politics

India as one of the largest and most populous countries in the world makes the election in Indian politics is not an easy task. India is the fastest-growing population in the world even though the young people will make up more than a third of the country.  With the 1,3 billion population, India is the […]

Top 3 Political News in 2019

Even though politics is considered a sensitive topic and cannot be discussed casually, it is one of the most interesting topics in our lives for many reasons. First, politics has great impact, if not the greatest, in our daily lives. A country can soar up to the peak of success in the hands of a […]

Indian Politics: How Indian Politic Has Changed Over the Last Five Years

How has Indian politics changes over the years at least over five years? These changes are essential for setting the programme of the new government as it is for evaluating the performance of the official one. Furthermore, it is not a secret that the political discourse has rugged. There is a massive interference of the […]

Everything about the System of Indian Politics

Talking about politics, especially Indian Politics is very interesting. This article will invite you to talk about it. Are you interested in it? Let’s start to discuss it! The General View of India India is a country in which it is a former colony of British which officially got independence on August 15, 1947, politically. […]