A Brief Guideline on How to Make Good Political News

Political news is one of the journalism products that you always see every day. That, of course, relates to the definition of news which means from current events. However, the political area becomes a news area that is highlighted and always updated. This is caused by politics related to the government system which ultimately relates […]

Issue in Sustainable of Development Goals

It is necessary to know about some international political news.  One of them that currently in progress in about Sustainable Development Goals, in short, SDGs. Apparently, this program was already started in 2015 and will end in 2030. United Nation start this program as the continuation of their previous program, Millennial Development Goals. The Millennial […]

The World’s Biggest Election In Indian Politics

India as one of the largest and most populous countries in the world makes the election in Indian politics is not an easy task. India is the fastest-growing population in the world even though the young people will make up more than a third of the country.  With the 1,3 billion population, India is the […]

Indonesia Sustainable Development Report 2019

Trending political news today is the United Nations launched the Global Sustainable Development Report for this 2019. This report contains academics point of view about the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from around the world. Co-Chairs of the Independent Group of Scientists 2019, Endah Murniningtyas said that they also have a report that was […]


The President of the United States, Donald Trump, was officially impeached by the US House of Representatives on Wednesday, December 18, 2019. Donald Trump’s impeachment was due to an abuse of power. In addition, President Donald Trump is also seen as blocking the congress. Donald Trump’s impeachment process is divided into three stages, namely the […]

President Impeached, Dollars Went Down

The latest political news today is about the president of the United States, Donald Trump, who just got impeached by the House of Representatives. It is because He abuses his power and authority. This statement was stated by the Chairperson of Congress, Nancy Pelosi. The decision to investigate Donald Trump started from a phone call […]

Russia supports Indonesia’s Decision to Stop Their Nickel Ore Export to United Europe

One of the hottest political news is when the Federation of Russia states its support that the Republic of Indonesia has a right to stop its nickel ore export. Russia’s point of view is different from the United Europe, an organization of Europe countries that brought Indonesia to the green table of World Trade Organization […]


The Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, received a lot of criticism from many politicians. The criticisms he got after the news of his Christmas vacation with family abroad. Many argue that Scott Morrison went on vacation when the big fire case in Australia was still not resolved. Some politicians from various opposition parties in […]

Trump’s Impeachment and All We Know so Far

It seems to be that either political news or other types of news would never leave the life of the leader of the United States of America. President of United States Donald Trump is accused to break the law by the abuse of power he has to find help from Ukraine to increase the winning […]

How to Deal with Political News

Politics is one of the most difficult subject to talk about; it is even being included in the top three taboo topics you should not talk with random people, with the other two being sex and religion. Any country, whether you come from America or Indonesia, is heavily separated by political sides. For example, America’s […]