Donald Trump to Postpone the US Election That You Need to Know

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Donald Trump to Postpone the US Election That You Need to Know

Donald Trump to Postpone the US Election

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The US President of Donald Trump is successfully making the hot news by claiming to cancel the US Election. The affirmation was successfully the political parties of Democrats and Republican debating. Canceling the US Election can’t be conducted carelessly because it is managed by a constitution. Donald Trump has clarified it. He explained that it is about an election mechanism. However, Donald Trump wants the election to be canceled. These are some things about it.

The US Election Date Managed by Constitutions 

The 2nd clause of the US Constitution gives Congress the right to determine the date of the US Election. Since 1845, a congress has held a tradition in which the US election will be held on the first Tuesday in November. In 2020, the first Tuesday in November falls to 3. In that way, the election will be held on that date. The US must be ready for welcoming it.

War and Pandemic Can’t Stop the US Election 

If congress is not canceling the date of the US election, the political events must be held on the determined date. Any mechanism and situations like war or pandemic will not replace it if it has been determined. It means that the US election will be held sooner when it has agreed to the date for the election.

The Cancellation Is the Right of the US President

If the US election wants to be canceled, it must be handled by the US president because the rights can be given to the US President. Today, the president of Donald Trump has no rights to cancel the US election. Congress can give it if it is necessary. It refers to the research report of congressional services in 2004. However, because the congress is under problem, officials are empowered by Republican and Parlements are handled by Democrats. It has a small possibility in which the agreement congress submits the rights to Donald Trump. Both refuse it together.

The Cancellation of the US Election Means to Postpone All Other Political Events 

Canceling the US election means that it cancels all other political events including the voting process. Some are an electoral process on 14th December and voting is conducted by a congress on 6th January 2021. All are managed by federal law.

The Cancellation of the US Election Is Not Longer the President Period 

If congress is supporting the US election, it doesn’t change the time duration of Trump’s leadership. Donald Trump is scheduled to end his first period on 20 January 2021. It means that it will be still conducted on that date. It is managed in the constitution in which it is almost impossible to change. If Trump wants to be longer, it will face different phases of the US election.

Those are some things and situations about the US election that is planned to cancel. Regardless of the congress and constitutions, the US election is still held in November amid the coronavirus pandemic to elect the new president of the United States.

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