Australia Travel Warning Bans The Citizen to Go Abroad

Australia Travel Ban The Citizen to Go Abroad Because Covid-19 Pandemic

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Australia is the only democratic country slightly banning citizens from going abroad. It is an effort to overcome and handle the Coronavirus pandemic. Every citizen is not allowed to go on a trip to another country except if he has registered online to the authority of the border force and fulfill the right criteria for going abroad. The prime minister of Scott Morrison claimed that this ban has been applied since 25th March and it will end on 24th October. Australia’s travel warning is not controversial but it is potentially continuing.

The Regulation to Fight for Coronavirus Pandemic 

In early August, Financial Minister, Matthias Corman, said that the government took a careful approach and didn’t ensure yet to reopen the border force for international travelers. It means that this step has successfully hampered the spreading process of Coronavirus in Australia. It is applied based on the advice of the Health and Protection Leadership Committee Australia. However, is this regulation legal and not break the citizen’s rights to go and travel abroad? How about other countries? How do you work abroad for a longer time? It seems to be a hot topic for discussing this regulation.

The Exceptions in The Regulation 

Before understanding better about this regulation, it is great to know some exceptions that can be allowed in this regulation. These are some criteria based on the Border Force.

  • Your trip is related to a response to COVID 19 including an activity to distribute charities and helps.
  • Your trip belongs to be important for industry and business including export and import
  • You are traveling for urgent medical treatment in which it is unavailable in Australia.
  • You are traveling for personal matters that can’t be refused
  • You are traveling due to charity and human activities
  • Your trip for sake of Australia national matters

Those are some things that should be understood in Australia’s travel warning. It means that it still gives some expectations for the citizens.

Then there will be some occasions in which you don’t need permitting to leave Australia.

  • You are a permanent citizen in another country, not Australia
  • You are an officer of airline, maritime crew, or security workers
  • Special visa holder of New Zealand
  • You are involved in an overseas shipping activity
  • You are involved in Australia facilities in another country.

It claims that the side is processing to travel abroad urgently in a week if all requirements needed are complete. The approval is usually processed in two to four weeks after it is received. Since this ban, it has more than 90.000 approvals in Border Force but only a few approvals are allowed.

Reasons for This Travel Warning 

The Health Minister is given broad rights to take necessary actions to prevent or control a kind of virus or disease. In Australia, most of the COVID-19 infection cases are the people coming from other countries. It is a basic reason for doing a quarantine program for two weeks. The people who want to go out of Australia need to consider some aspects based on the attained goals of Australia’s travel warning.

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