5 Big Events in the World in 2020

Big Events in 2020 That You Need to Know



You surely agree that 2020 is the most difficult year. Today, all worlds are still fighting together to face a pandemic of COVID – 19. It causes degradation in all living sectors especially the economic sector and health in which it is felt everywhere. Almost all people feel the amazing effects of this pandemic. But, do you know that along the year of 2020 has many events and disasters happening? Amid a global pandemic, the world watches the fear of World War III in which all world national disasters are happening.

Forest Fire in Australia 

In late 2019, some states of Australia faced one of the worst forest fires in its history. The forest fire was reaching the record up to 47 million hectares. It is noted that about 34 people died and more than 2000 houses were destroyed and burned. It is estimated that about 500 million animals died. This disaster makes some original animals from Australia risky to the rare. Of course, it becomes a huge problem in early 2020.

The Fear of World War III

In the early period of this year, 2020, Iran General, Qasem Soleimani, died due to the no-passenger airplane attack of the US. It caused fear and worries about World War III because it has a frozen relationship between Iran and the US. On some days after the attack, the US officials estimate that it has more than 12 missiles issued from Iran in two military bases in Iraq accommodating the US armies. It makes the world worried about the next world war happening between the US and Iran.

COVID – 19 Pandemic 

When a coronavirus pandemic firstly appeared in December 2019, it had no anticipation steps about its effects on the world. However, when COVID 19 was officially claimed to be a pandemic from WHO on 11th March, the people started to get a clear brief and description of how serious this virus is. Until now, this virus has become the main enemy of countries all around the world.

Swarms of Grasshoppers Events in Africa and Asia 

Billions of dessert grasshoppers attacked East Africa and South Asia in February 2020. It is the worst investment during half of the decade in which it is treating the plans and jobs. You should know that it seriously affects the growth of plants. It is noted 200 millions of grasshoppers in Kenya in which it can spend food.

Beirut Explosion in Lebanon 

A big explosion happened on 4th August 2020 in Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon. It has killed more than 200 people. The officials claimed that the explosion materials stored in the warehouse for 6 years were an explosion causing factor. Ammonium nitrate is not saved safely in the warehouse. It completes the sadness of this year. It can be known that 2020 is giving more learning things and warnings to the people. The hardest event is a pandemic of Coronavirus that has been stopped yet until now. It is still a serious health problem now.

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