One of the hottest political news is when the Federation of Russia states its support that the Republic of Indonesia has a right to stop its nickel ore export. Russia’s point of view is different from the United Europe, an organization of Europe countries that brought Indonesia to the green table of World Trade Organization because of this term. Russia’s side also said that they’re in difficult to comment because this is a bilateral issue, but Russia ready to support Indonesia’s sovereignty. It is because to stop the export will bring domestic incomes.

press conference
press conference from Indonesian Government

Full Right

Oleg Kopylov, the Deputy Chief of Mission of Russia Embassy state his opinion that Indonesia has a full right to enforce their term and policy about nickel ore. It is to support investment and create smelting industries for nickel ore, and this will give benefits to Indonesia and community from Nevertheless, Oleg sure that both sides also want to resolve this dispute to secure trade relations. The trade volume between Indonesia and United Europe recorded to reach 26,3 billion euros.

What makes this news become the hot political news is because Russia itself is not a member of United Europe. Also, both Indonesia and Russia faced United Europe in World Trade Organization before. Russia protest about the policy of United Europe that discriminates the trade of gas industry, Gazprom.

Not just about gas, United Europe’s environmentally-friendly policy also discriminates Indonesia palm oil trade. This is very unprofitable for the Indonesia palm oil industries. One of the people that protest about that policy is Luhut Pandjaitan, the coordinating minister for Maritime Affairs of Indonesia.

Russia promised that its side won’t do the United Europe policy. It is because their trade volume with Indonesia is recorded to reach 3 billion USD this year. Oleg himself states this.

Indonesia government protest

Indonesia’s government, from its representation in Geneva, Swiss officially also sued United Europe in World Trade Organization. This sue is about Indonesia government protest to the Renewable Energy Directive II (RED II) and Delegated Regulation UE policies. Those policies were considered to be a discriminative act to the product of Indonesia’s palm oil and its industries.

The Minister of Trade, Agus Suparmanto, states an explanation that Indonesia officially has sent a Request for Consultation on December 9, 2019, to United Europe as the first step to initiates the sue. This decision has been sent after a domestic meet with the palm oil association. Also, after scientific study and consultation to all stockholders about the importance of palm oil sectors.

The Minister of Trade, Agus Suparmanto
The Minister of Trade, Agus Suparmanto

He also states that this sue is the seriousness of the Indonesia government against the discrimination of United Europe through its RED II and Delegated Regulation policies.

According to the Director-General of Foreign Trade, Indrasari Wisnu Wardhana, the RED II policy will start from 2020 until 2030, and United Europe fuels during that years are energy that renewable. Delegated Regulation is the policy that acts as executor of RED II, the policy that signed palm oil as a commodity that has a high risk of Indirect Land Use Change. That’s quite good political news this lately.

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