It seems to be that either political news or other types of news would never leave the life of the leader of the United States of America. President of United States Donald Trump is accused to break the law by the abuse of power he has to find help from Ukraine to increase the winning chance for the next election. The vote done by the House of Representatives says that he would soon be facing trial in the Senate which could lead him to be removed from his position.

The accusation says that Trump has misused his power to put pressure on Ukraine’s leader to investigate information that could put his election rival, Joe Biden in a bad position for the election. The Democrats say that it is illegal to ask help from the foreign party to win the US election.

How it all started 

The start of the story in the world of political news is the presence of a complaint from an anonymous whistleblower in August. A remained unknown person wrote a letter stating concern about the conversation over the phone done multiple times by president Trump and Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky.

Trump’s Impeachment
Trump’s Impeachment

The urgent concern in the whistleblower says how Trump has used his power to influence foreign countries with the purpose to help him win the election in 2020.

Then it is revealed in the call transcript that Trump urged Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden who was the vice-President at the time. Joe Biden runs for Presidential election in 2020 along with Trump. President Trump states that the call was about him congratulating the Ukraine president on his winning the election three months prior. But the whistleblower with unknown identity sends a formal complaint on August sensing that the call was about something more serious than that. A CIA official is reported to be the whistleblower.

The charges

Responding to this political news, situs judi poker supporters backed Trump up by stating that Joe Biden has also abused the power by pressuring Ukraine to not continuing the investigation since this can harm his son Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden was known worked for a Ukrainian company. However, the allegation has not proven to be true. No evidence proof that Joe Biden had done something to put his son in a beneficial position and no evidence stating Hunter Biden has done something wrong.

The charges
The charges

Democrat Congres are sure that the phone call itself is proof that what Trump has done is a law-breaking action, by seeking help from a foreign country with the intention to put Biden in a bad position. The House of Representatives of Democrat sends two charges for Trump’s Impeachment. The first is the abuse of power and the second is the Congress’ Obstruction.

The Debate by lawmakers with the 10-hour duration has shown the voted 229-198 in approving article number two in the Trump’s impeachment.

Trump makes the third president to be impeached after Bill Clinton (1998) and previously Andrew Johnson (1868). Despite the continuing effort of Democrats to move Trump from the office, his Republican supporters keep on sheering and support him in many different ways.

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