Australia Travel Warning Bans The Citizen to Go Abroad

Australia Travel Ban The Citizen to Go Abroad Because Covid-19 Pandemic

australia's travel


Australia is the only democratic country slightly banning citizens from going abroad. It is an effort to overcome and handle the Coronavirus pandemic. Every citizen is not allowed to go on a trip to another country except if he has registered online to the authority of the border force and fulfill the right criteria for going abroad. The prime minister of Scott Morrison claimed that this ban has been applied since 25th March and it will end on 24th October. Australia’s travel warning is not controversial but it is potentially continuing.

The Regulation to Fight for Coronavirus Pandemic 

In early August, Financial Minister, Matthias Corman, said that the government took a careful approach and didn’t ensure yet to reopen the border force for international travelers. It means that this step has successfully hampered the spreading process of Coronavirus in Australia. It is applied based on the advice of the Health and Protection Leadership Committee Australia. However, is this regulation legal and not break the citizen’s rights to go and travel abroad? How about other countries? How do you work abroad for a longer time? It seems to be a hot topic for discussing this regulation.

The Exceptions in The Regulation 

Before understanding better about this regulation, it is great to know some exceptions that can be allowed in this regulation. These are some criteria based on the Border Force.

  • Your trip is related to a response to COVID 19 including an activity to distribute charities and helps.
  • Your trip belongs to be important for industry and business including export and import
  • You are traveling for urgent medical treatment in which it is unavailable in Australia.
  • You are traveling for personal matters that can’t be refused
  • You are traveling due to charity and human activities
  • Your trip for sake of Australia national matters

Those are some things that should be understood in Australia’s travel warning. It means that it still gives some expectations for the citizens.

Then there will be some occasions in which you don’t need permitting to leave Australia.

  • You are a permanent citizen in another country, not Australia
  • You are an officer of airline, maritime crew, or security workers
  • Special visa holder of New Zealand
  • You are involved in an overseas shipping activity
  • You are involved in Australia facilities in another country.

It claims that the side is processing to travel abroad urgently in a week if all requirements needed are complete. The approval is usually processed in two to four weeks after it is received. Since this ban, it has more than 90.000 approvals in Border Force but only a few approvals are allowed.

Reasons for This Travel Warning 

The Health Minister is given broad rights to take necessary actions to prevent or control a kind of virus or disease. In Australia, most of the COVID-19 infection cases are the people coming from other countries. It is a basic reason for doing a quarantine program for two weeks. The people who want to go out of Australia need to consider some aspects based on the attained goals of Australia’s travel warning.

5 Big Events in the World in 2020

Big Events in 2020 That You Need to Know



You surely agree that 2020 is the most difficult year. Today, all worlds are still fighting together to face a pandemic of COVID – 19. It causes degradation in all living sectors especially the economic sector and health in which it is felt everywhere. Almost all people feel the amazing effects of this pandemic. But, do you know that along the year of 2020 has many events and disasters happening? Amid a global pandemic, the world watches the fear of World War III in which all world national disasters are happening.

Forest Fire in Australia 

In late 2019, some states of Australia faced one of the worst forest fires in its history. The forest fire was reaching the record up to 47 million hectares. It is noted that about 34 people died and more than 2000 houses were destroyed and burned. It is estimated that about 500 million animals died. This disaster makes some original animals from Australia risky to the rare. Of course, it becomes a huge problem in early 2020.

The Fear of World War III

In the early period of this year, 2020, Iran General, Qasem Soleimani, died due to the no-passenger airplane attack of the US. It caused fear and worries about World War III because it has a frozen relationship between Iran and the US. On some days after the attack, the US officials estimate that it has more than 12 missiles issued from Iran in two military bases in Iraq accommodating the US armies. It makes the world worried about the next world war happening between the US and Iran.

COVID – 19 Pandemic 

When a coronavirus pandemic firstly appeared in December 2019, it had no anticipation steps about its effects on the world. However, when COVID 19 was officially claimed to be a pandemic from WHO on 11th March, the people started to get a clear brief and description of how serious this virus is. Until now, this virus has become the main enemy of countries all around the world.

Swarms of Grasshoppers Events in Africa and Asia 

Billions of dessert grasshoppers attacked East Africa and South Asia in February 2020. It is the worst investment during half of the decade in which it is treating the plans and jobs. You should know that it seriously affects the growth of plants. It is noted 200 millions of grasshoppers in Kenya in which it can spend food.

Beirut Explosion in Lebanon 

A big explosion happened on 4th August 2020 in Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon. It has killed more than 200 people. The officials claimed that the explosion materials stored in the warehouse for 6 years were an explosion causing factor. Ammonium nitrate is not saved safely in the warehouse. It completes the sadness of this year. It can be known that 2020 is giving more learning things and warnings to the people. The hardest event is a pandemic of Coronavirus that has been stopped yet until now. It is still a serious health problem now.

COVID-19 Pandemic Is More Acute and Serious Than Any Political Crisis

Covid-19 Pandemic That Ruin Half of Year 2020

covid-19 pandemic

Some countries close their border and force tourists to guarantee locations. Some options that you take are handling the COVID-19 pandemic that determines the world’s future. What kind of the world is the virus ended? Are the countries being one or keeping distance? COVID-19 pandemic is more acute and serious than any crisis because it forces us to take several big policies accurately. However, you will have some options.

Political Crisis vs Coronavirus 

It may occur in two important options. Those are facing this crisis with the nationalistic and isolation policies in which it collaborates with international solidarity. Secondly, every state-level needs to handle its totality in which the control is under the government. It can be conducted through social media and social empowerment to stop the spreading process of this pandemic. COVID-19 pandemic appears various questions started from knowledge or science sides and also political thoughts. However, though you use a scientific approach to handle this pandemic, you don’t think how it could be to respond to political challenges.

Humanity has everything to beat this pandemic. The people are not living in the past decade in which it is not a Black Death. It is not seeing someone suffer and you don’t know and understand what is killing them. People don’t know how to make this event. The Chinese scientists have identified the virus called Sars-coV-2 exactly on the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country. A number of other countries are attempting to do the same investigation to find solutions and vaccines. It is used to avoid a bad statement that the COVID-19 pandemic is more acute than the political crisis.

The Italian doctors are keeping trying to study coronavirus and the other countries regard that health guarantee becoming a brilliant strategy to hamper and control its spreading process. Though it has no drugs found to cure COVID-19 patients, the scientists make developments to find a vaccine. They use the latest medical technology and some innovations to make this pandemic end. The most basic attempts to do are living cleanly by washing your hands and keeping a safe distance.

Dangerous Technology 

In a context of urgency, some policies are continued quickly. The decisions need to apply in a night due to this crisis. The controlling technology can be dangerous if it doesn’t involve the competent sides. If it is under the wrong side, the technology can be used by a government to straight a totality control. The power enables the authority to collect data from everyone and take policies not transparently. It is developing shortly without public discussion due to the urgency. It is great to handle coronavirus but it causes some side effects.

COVID-19 Pandemic and Social Interaction Changes 

What are the effects of countries’ policies? You must trust that it is not changing seriously. COVID-19 pandemic is more acute than any political cause. It is testing the natural characters of the human in which it is o help each other. The virus tests to influence yourself. You must keep social distance, act smartly, and sincerely. When the crisis ends, it is predicted to change human character.

The impact of Marriage Equality in Australia

Marriage Equality in Australia That Become a Political Issue

marriage equality

Same-sex marriage or also called marriage equality becomes a political issue in Australia for many years. In the beginning, the government denies it. However, the parliament legalized it in December 2017.

Same-sex marriage ideas appear in Australia after the Nederland give their permission in 2001. Then, followed by some countries in the world. The couples struggle with their legal right and protection among citizens.

There are multiple debates and discussions behind the legalization of marriage equality. The concern is about the social impact of couples. There is research provided to see the impact of it.

The minority of Stress. 

The couples struggle with the acceptance from the people around them. They might experience bullying from the antigay community too. They become the subjects and targets of ridicule and insensitive jokes.

Same-sex marriage legalization bears positive views in society. People are longer challenge their uniqueness and respect them. They are less depressed and anxious.

Due to legal law, people are not allowed to discriminate against one’s sexual orientation. So, gay couples are no longer judged. They can live as free as a heterosexual society. This will make them experience minority stress.

Adoption Process.

For a single, it is almost impossible to adopt a child. There are many things that the court has to consider. The process might be long and complicated.

Fortunately, it is easier for a married couple. They considered having a stable home. The court will involve two couples as one of the requirements. Thus, having marriage legalization makes it easier to adopt.

Social security and insurance. 

Marriage equality is legally accepted which means this legalization is also useful for financial matters. As a couple, their rights will be the same as heterosexual couples. The couple is allowed to take spouse financial planning.

For social security or insurance, they will share their monthly payment. Each will have the same rights. So, when the one died, the spouse is allowed to receive the benefit.

Health benefits. 

A commitment can bring a positive impact on health. The individuals are happy and mentally stable. There is nothing happier than a love acceptance. The happy feeling carries a positive mood.

Same-sex marriage legalization means publication of their commitment. This will create community support among them. Of course, it can increase psychological health to individuals.

The research mentions that there are various illnesses caused by fee sex behavior. One of them is HIV infection. Same-sex marriage can lessen the risk of HIV infection. It maintains safer sex behaviors. So, marriage equality confers health benefits.

The brief explanation above shows that marriage equality shares its positive value in society. Same-sex marriage symbolizes that commitment affects the stability of formal partnerships. Marriage equality in Australia shows Human Rights equality. Every person will have the same rights as others.

In conclusion, Marriage equality symbolizes more steps towards recognition, and discrimination based on sexual orientation is unacceptable. The parliament legalization caught people’s attention. This step portrays acceptance for a better world. With the increasing numbers of marriage equality acceptance, the number of discrimination is lessening.

Australia’s and The Rest of The World Events Industry: Covid-19 Pandemic Story

What a strange and weird world we are now in this whole Novel Coronavirus madness! It has been the biggest challenge not only to our lives but also to our source of income. Those working especially in the hospitality and event industry, which is among the hardest impacted across every sector in the globe, understand the tribulation of keeping their minds sane while winning bread and butter in the middle of the rampant.

Impacts on Australia’s business events industry

There was a huge contribution of the business events industry to the Australian economy pre-COVID-19. Based on the Lost Business Report by Business Events Council in Australia (BECA), there were approximately 484,000 events held which valued up to $35.7 billion in direct expenditure and still up to $17.2 billion direct value on top in the 2019-2020 financial year.

It is estimated between March 2020 and June 2021, revenue in the events business valuing up to $2.9 billion has been reported lost affected by Covid-19. Between the end of 2019 and March 2020, it is also reported that almost two-thirds of the business events employees had to be laid off, and further numbers are forecasted to increase.

Covid-19 Pandemic Story
Covid-19 Pandemic Story

Implications on the events industry

No one could honestly tell when this pandemic will likely end; nobody knows if we can make it out alive at the end of this tunnel. Recovery in the industry seems also to be far ahead from the present, for sure it won’t be in the year to come. To be the hardest hit, the industry needs to gradually rebuild the lost business by preparing, strengthening, and increasing health and safety measures following the global health pandemic.

Advice and guidelines from the government and officials are to be taken into consideration when organizing events. Carrying out a risk assessment varying from the basic and typical ones to a more Covid-19 particular can help you in identifying what potential hazards might present in the events held. It is time now to think of what might go wrong if not properly planned.

In Australia itself, business event owners wish to get supports from their government so their events like meetings and conventions, exhibitions, and incentives can successfully bounce back in the next year or might be even longer, hence they need to find an alternative. Business workers believe that waiving tax payment, removal of the payroll tax, and penalty-free on late tax payments until the end of 2020 would help this business sustain.

It is not impossible to plan a safe events environment following the pandemic as long as it is arranged correctly adhering to strict health and safety measures to ensure that all phases of the event will run smoothly with no one carrying a risk to be exposed by the virus. Mitigating and monitoring the risks of an event might already be part of the responsibility of all event organizers in the world, but no one expects that just a tiny strain of an invisible enemy can turn the whole world upside down.

A Brief Guideline on How to Make Good Political News

Political news is one of the journalism products that you always see every day. That, of course, relates to the definition of news which means from current events. However, the political area becomes a news area that is highlighted and always updated. This is caused by politics related to the government system which ultimately relates to policies for the people. Actually, what is political news? And how to make good political news?

political news
political news

Definition of political news

As stated before, political news is one of the products of journalism that reports on the political aspects. The political element in journalism that is reported is what is happening or is being hotly discussed. In its implementation, this political news will lead to a situation of the community, government, and public policy in some areas.

Political journalism and political news are made because they have special reasons. And this reason can be a guide for many journalists in the main goal of achieving good political journalism. Political news is made to inform the current situation of the condition of government organizations from the community level to the central level. This news will later be used as a guideline for forming personal opinions which then develops into public opinion.

political news
political news

Public opinion will be a source for 2 things. First, as a basis for community action, such as demonstrations, policy advocacy, community empowerment, etc. Second, as a material for policymakers (the government) to formulate good public policies in the future (also called public sentiment).

Bias in political news

Political journalism, if done well, should produce balanced coverage. Balanced here means to dig up information from all points of view so that the public can produce rational opinions. That is the source of how to make good political news. However, in its implementation, political news is often faced with information bias. This information bias is caused by extracting information that is too subjective. Also, information bias is obtained if only digging from one source of information or digging from only one perspective.

political news
political news

Information bias was also obtained because the journalists did not understand deeply about what political journalism was. This misunderstanding will result in a news product that does not educate the public and leads to information bias. Furthermore, this type of error will jeopardize public perceptions and lead to the possibility of disharmony between the public or between the public and policymakers.

Make «healthy» political news

The long-term goal of the political news segment in journalism is to produce a healthy state system. This happens when the public knows what the state (policymakers) are doing for them and the state also knows what the public wants. If this is achieved, the task of journalism is on the right track and what is called a healthy state system can be achieved.

political news
political news

So, how to make good political news? First, you must always understand the current situation on the part of policymakers or the community. Understand any political upheaval or dynamics that occur. Second, make sure you dig deeper into the current issue like inequality etc. Explore from various sources and various points of view. Always try to present balanced information, if there are parties who are pros or cons. Third, convey the news in a language that is easily understood by the public. The heterogeneous public makes the ability to deliver news from journalists will be very necessary.

Issue in Sustainable of Development Goals

It is necessary to know about some international political news.  One of them that currently in progress in about Sustainable Development Goals, in short, SDGs. Apparently, this program was already started in 2015 and will end in 2030. United Nation start this program as the continuation of their previous program, Millennial Development Goals.

The Millennial Development Goals, or MDGs, is the previous program that started in 2000 with 8 goals. It ends with satisfying success in 2015, but there are still some leftovers. People around the world hoped that SDGs will take care of those leftovers and made a difference to the world.

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals are a program proposed by the United Nations to reach peace and prosperity through development. This program will be a progressive program for 15 years and leads the world for a better future. This program will priorities sustainable development and human rights. Also equality in social, economy, and environment life. SDGs also execute universal, integrative, and inclusive policies to make sure no one left behind.

no poverty
no poverty

The first goal of SDGs is «No Poverty,» that also has eight other goals inside it. The main point of this goal is to eradicate all poverty in the world. In the world itself, there are many poverties, mostly in Africa continent like Somalia. In Indonesia itself, there also poverty problems in East Nusa Tenggara, Papua, and Western Papua.

say no to poverty
say no to poverty

In political news about world development, poverty also leads to hunger, which is the second goal of SDGs itself. This problem is also quite difficult to solve. As an example, we may have enough food to feed, but distance and geographical location are different stories. Well, basically, the issue is about food delivery. Countries that suffer hunger currently mostly also countries in the southern Africa continent.


Inequality also becomes a problem too, and SDGs also put this issue as a problem to solve. Such as gender inequality and racism. These problems exist all over the world, even in advanced countries like the United States. This problem really troublesome, especially to human rights. As examples, most Hindu in India discriminates Muslim people who live in there. Or China put most of Uighur ethnic Muslims to the concentration camp. This can also affect people’s careers. For example, a woman didn’t even get paid, and the reason is just that she’s a woman. This kind of discriminative act can lead people into poverty and hunger if possible.


There are still many goals that need to be explained, but the main issue that standing in the way of development is corruption. Corruption in government itself risks most of the development goals because the government is the foundation of the country. As an example, funds that purposed to buy foods as assistance for rural areas are gone and made people in that rural area suffer because of hunger. The worst case will be many people will die, and the corpses spread plagues. Corrupted officials themselves are pretty crazy, smiling like innocents in front of political news press and other media.

The World’s Biggest Election In Indian Politics

India as one of the largest and most populous countries in the world makes the election in Indian politics is not an easy task. India is the fastest-growing population in the world even though the young people will make up more than a third of the country.  With the 1,3 billion population, India is the world’s largest democracy.

Indian’s federal electoral model follows a parliamentary system which is the party wins the majority of seats gets to choose the Prime Minister. So, with the quality of India’s democracy and all of the social economics and political issues, how is the election organized?

Election in India
Election in India

Election in India

The election in India is not like others. India’s election is getting bigger and more complicated. India’s election is the world’s biggest election with 900 million people are eligible to vote which makes India need to put in a big effort to make the democratic exercise as hospitable as possible. All the people regardless of literacy level, language, gender, class, religion, occupation, and wealth could vote.

World’s Biggest Election
World’s Biggest Election

For the election, India is using EVM or Electronic Voting Machines. This machine is used for recording votes. In 2019, India has 3,96 million EVM for its 900 million voters. They also hiring 11 million government workers to take on election duty including 2,5 million security personnel. This is a big task to transport the machines to every voting station. Because the voting station has to be no farther than 2 kilometers from every voter across the country. There are 1.035 million polling stations. So, this machine logistic is the heart of the election process. The EVM also increased security around the elections.

The Process

The difficult process of the election makes there’s no election day in India instead it’s an election month. Voting takes place in multiple phases across the regions. The election officials travel a long distance to make sure the electoral process is conducted peacefully. Even they use many ways for machine logistics, such as helicopters, trains, boats, planes, camels, elephants, hiking, and more. This various transportation shows how hard the election process is to make sure that everyone in the country can participate. This shows that the massive election is an important part of the Indian politics.

The Process
The Process

Election day in India is just like most other countries. The voters just need to line up, cast their vote, and get their fingers inked to prevent double voting. What makes it different is they vote using EVM. The election day for the voters is easy but for the election official, it’s not the end of the process. The votes counting is another big task of the election day in India. With the high of 900 million people’s votes, there are four thousand counting centers set up across the country.

Election day in India
Election day in India

There are many issues happening during the election process such as security issues like physical threats and bribe. This is one of the challenges that the commission faces during the election. India’s election commission is an autonomous constitutional authority that is given absolute power to supervise direct control and conduct the election process.  This commission is responsible for administering election processes in India. That makes the election commission have an important role in Indian Politics.

Indonesia Sustainable Development Report 2019

Trending political news today is the United Nations launched the Global Sustainable Development Report for this 2019. This report contains academics point of view about the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from around the world. Co-Chairs of the Independent Group of Scientists 2019, Endah Murniningtyas said that they also have a report that was prepared by 15 scientists. Endah said that they were ordered to make the report from the scientists’ perspective from the Secretary-General of the United Nations. She also said that some of the scientists’ notes are related to the implementation of SDGs.

Environmental Issue
Environmental Issue

First, the report states that if countries keep doing the same thing and in the state. Then the development can only achieve 5 percent from the targets and goals. If countries make big efforts, it could reach about 10 percent.

Environmental Issue

The report also gives notes about the achievement of SDGs implementation. It can be seen that the economic side and social pillar are in growth. Sadly, there’s nothing for the environment. In short, the climate change is the issue. It is like economic and social pillars are standing tall, while the environment pillar is in the opposite direction.

«We may grow tall, but there are fire, carbon emissions, global warming, flood, and many more. The environmental issue is on the opposite side.» By Endah.

Ministry of National Development Planning of the Republic of Indonesia arrange a meeting of the United Nations Forum on Development Cooperation. This meeting is a reflection of five years between the ministry and the United Nations under the United Nations Partnership Development Framework (UNPDF).

Environmental Issue
Environmental Issue

The minister, Bambang P.S. Brodjonegoro, mentioned that the purpose of this meeting is to study and evaluate the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in Indonesia. As the main point, this cooperation is periodic. The United Nations and Indonesia government held this meeting every five years. It is to prepare what programs that the United Nations will give to help Indonesia’s development for the next five years.

Development Planning

The Minister of National Development Planning also explains that both sides need strategic dialog about the implementation of the partnership strategy with the United Nations for the last two years in Indonesia. And finally, the result was achieved.

«By reviewing how far the implementation for the last four years. Now, it’s one year left. How far the cooperation between the United Nations and Indonesia government to help and achieve the targets of Sustainable Development Goals,» said Bambang in the press of political news. He thinks that the achievement of this sustainable development shows positive results. One of them is the decrease of poverty number in Indonesia for the first time in history.

Environmental Issue
Environmental Issue

As the summary, overall Sustainable Developments Goals in Indonesia went well. Probably in the next years, poverty in Indonesia keeps decreasing. Human resources, wealth from poker online and health will keep rising. Nevertheless, our government will keep doing their best to implement the Sustainable Development Goals in the hope that we could fulfill most of the goals and targets. Also, Indonesia considered being a great example in the eye of international political news.


The President of the United States, Donald Trump, was officially impeached by the US House of Representatives on Wednesday, December 18, 2019. Donald Trump’s impeachment was due to an abuse of power. In addition, President Donald Trump is also seen as blocking the congress. Donald Trump’s impeachment process is divided into three stages, namely the investigation by the Intelligence Committee, the drafting of the impeachment article by the Legal Committee, and finally the retrieval of the voting results agreed upon by the House of Representatives.


Origin of the cause

The origin of the cause of President Donald Trump’s impeachment was when an unidentified official wrote a letter containing the telephone conversation between Donald Trump and Volodymyr Zelensky as president of Ukraine on July 25, 2019.

In a conversation between the two, an official the statement stated that Donald Trump asked the President of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, on charges of tax fraud. Joe Biden was the vice president of the United States from 2009 to 2017. He was also a candidate for president of the United States. Donald Trump considers Joe Biden to be the toughest rival in the United States presidential election in 2020.

Origin of the cause
Trump under fire

Meanwhile, Hunter is a member of the board of directors serving in a gas company in Ukraine. The investigation was carried out by Donald Trump to win the United States presidential election. However, this is illegal so that Donald Trump is considered to have abused his power as president of the United States.

After receiving the report, the US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee immediately investigated it for alleged abuse of power between Trump and Ukraine. In addition, the report also states that if the President of the United States has used policies to assign foreign and national security policies in support of his campaign.

Impeachment reports

Both the impeachment reports were finally officially granted by Nancy Pelosi as chairman of the United States House of Representatives. After the United States House of Representatives officially impeaches President Donald Trump, he will then undergo a hearing scheduled for January 2020 in the Senate.

The impeachment of the 45th president of the United States is not on the grounds of Russian intervention which has been associated with Idnplay poker and the Democratic Party for years. This impeachment report is based solely on the conversation between Donald Trump and the Ukrainian president.


Voting has been dominated by Republicans and Trump supporters, whose position must still be decided in the Senate. This rule is based on the First Article of the United States Constitution which states that if submission of impeachment is the authority of the House of Representatives and the right to decide on impeachment is the authority of the Senate.

Voting Results

The voting results showed 230 votes compared to 197, with the most votes coming from the Democratic Party. The day before Trump was officially impeached the president of the United States sent a letter containing his anger and disappointment to Nancy Pelosi. Even so, the Chair of the United States House of Representatives continued to announce officially to the public regarding the impeachment of President Donald Trump. The impeachment of Donald Trump is the impeachment of the third president of the United States after Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton.